Thursday, August 21, 2014

Deception in Reporting about Gaza

A friend from our political forum has sent me this report, regarding deception in reports about corpses of Palestinians in Gaza:

Gaza ‘Corpses’ Caught Moving When They Forget Cameras

Are On Them

Let the propaganda war begin. It looks like another bad move for Hamas, as they hold an ‘Islamic Funeral’ but they forgot one vital ingredient for the funeral: DEAD PEOPLE.
For years now Hamas has had a violent hold on Israel, and with that same grip, a hold on the mainstream media. We, the conservative post, remain unwavering.
Lights… Camera… Gullible Liberals:
(the video clip was removed from YouTube due to copyrights violation)

My friend commented about this video:
Avner, it's about time for you to wake up from your dream and think Israel is the bad guy
And the people whom you call Palestinian are nice and peace lover as the rest of the world,
Your prime minister Ehud and Ehud two of them gave half of Jerusalem and go back to 67 border and They Refused, The simple fact is they don't want you there, 
Sharon gave them There own country, what they do! You answer.
They will not stop till they will destroy Israel, by the way see the video attached.

To which I replied:

Ehud and Ehud and Sharon gave them bull-shit.

It's about time you realize that there are opinions different than yours (and even 80% of the Israelis), and stop calling opinions different than yours "dreams".

As for the video - what liars, ha! So it appears that the IDF spokesperson (and that includes Roni Daniel) is not the only one who is lying for propaganda...

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