Saturday, November 14, 2020

More Exchanges with American Conservatives (vol. 7)

Here is a nice sample of the elegant way that An (I shouldn't say All) American conservative conveys his thoughts to political rivals:

L'il Avner Efendowicz:

You're a schmuck. No, make that a pathetic schmuck. You were born a schmuck. You were a schmuck from the very first. You’ll be a schmuck to the very last. You’re the archetype schmuck. God created his other schmucks in your image. The nurse yelled, “it’s a schmuck!” when she pulled you thru your mother’s fat, hairy ass. You'll always be a schmuck. You talk like a schmuck, walk like a schmuck,(...)

(I wonder: how could he know?... They guy knows my political views, but never saw me walking... Anyway).

Here's my reply:

Mr. Friedman,
Thanks for your detailed reply.
I have a lot to say, but in your case it's of no use. You are fucked beyond repair.
As Jerry Seinfeld said: "You need... not the once-a-week appointment for $80, No. You need a TEAM".

Just in Brief:

1. You and your fucked-up idiot leader lost the election. You are such a stupid baby, that you can't accept that.
Anyway, come January, they will kick his FAT ASS out of the white house.
And you will have to crawl back to the smelly den that your stupid parents built for you.

2. You and your friends took this world years backward, with your ignorance. You guys are responsible for 100s of thousands of dead people in the US alone. For this alone, you will burn in hell.

3. Thus, if you lived in 10,000 years ago in the Savanna, you would have died immediately due to your stupidity. Evolution (which you don't know much about, because you probably spent your best 5 years in first grade), evolution took care of creatures like you. They just died due to non-fitness.



And don't forget to eat your own shit like I told you to do, mad stupid DOG.

Avner E.

The I received just one supportive response, from a Uri Yosef:

Shalom Avner,

Great response to Friedman's bullshit! He and the other trumpsters are hallucinating with fantasies of some miraculous reversal of the election results through meritless litigations. So far, all of those have been thrown out of the courts - the effect of Trump's Kool-Aid hasn't yet worn off.

The reason I and some others got on his email list is because I had to reply to his ridiculous post cheering the fact that the right-leaning rescinded its call on Biden's win in Pennsylvania with its 20 electoral votes, which sealed his victory. Since he has his recipients placed on the "Blind Copy" list, I had to add a bunch of email recipients who I wanted to see my response to that nonsense.

In my response to his "This is BIG" post, I took the numbers off the PA election results webpage yesterday morning and crunched them, showing that the current narcissistic moronic occupant of the White House needs to take 79.75% of the rest of the votes in order to catch up to Biden. This morning I took the updated numbers off the PA election results webpage and posted the updated figures, which demonstrated that Biden's lead is growing, since #45 picked up only 46.6% of the additional votes counted in the previous 24 hours.

Kol tuv,
Uri (an Israeli-American living in the Diaspora)

Then I added:

Here are the facts:

And for Trump fans:
Fact: something that has actual existence; a piece of information presented as having objective reality.

Avner E.

To which Mr. Friedman replied:

Don't you know who Avner Efendowicz is? He's an Israeli who deserted the IDF in wartime. Then came here to denounce his own country and people in front of far-left audiences. If he was an American soldier, he'd serve a long prison sentence, or perhaps even hanged. But for some inexplicable reason, Israel goes easy on those bastards.

Dan Friedman

So I provided the correct information to them:

I did serve "my country" in the 1982 "War for Peace in the Galilee", as was the First Lebanon War dubbed back then (and before I figured with my own eye, that the IDF spokesperson was lying all the time, and that the war was for the well being of the Likud party (and Ariel Sharon), and not the Galilee. I lived in the Kiryat Shemona back then, and was called for duty on Saturday night, after a blast of Katyusha rockets on my town.

I lost a number of dear friends in that stupid and unnecessary war.

I am proud that after 3 terms of reserve duty in the West Bank (during which my battalion lost the first soldier of the Intifada, the late Moshe Cohen) - after that I refused to serve the Israeli occupation, and spent 20 days in a military prison.

I am proud for speaking up back then, in the soldiers revolt that led to the Oslo accord. (had it done the right way, we could have resolved the conflict by now).


Avner E.

To which one guy Roger replied:

Does the sand get in your nose when you stick it in the ground or do you wear a maga mask of some clever design?
Can you see dear leaders ass under there?

To which I replied, with Uri's data:

You have a serious text understanding problem.

Go back and read the definition of FACT, in the Webster dictionary, or wherever.

Can you show the first evidence of fraud in the Election? You haven't so far, not even one bit.

Read these facts, if you can understand plain English, at all:

In my response to his "This is BIG" post, I took the numbers off the PA election results webpage yesterday morning and crunched them, showing that the current narcissistic moronic occupant of the White House needs to take 79.75% of the rest of the votes in order to catch up to Biden. This morning I took the updated numbers off the PA election results webpage and posted the updated figures, which demonstrated that Biden's lead is growing, since #45 picked up only 46.6% of the additional votes counted in the previous 24 hours.

A guy named Kenny (who signs his post as KK - should it be KKK?) said:

If it comes from the NYT, not facts just Marxist propaganda. As an Israeli, I would think you would recognize friends vs. enemies. You need to read The Iron Wall by Jabotinsky. You sound like Marxist Globalist...if you are and admit it you will continued to be respected as having a different idiology and agree to disagree, but please do not bullshit like most of the Lefties on the thread, who are enemies of Israel & US.


So I told him:

Again, a lot of Hot Air, but not even one piece of evidence...
Typical right-wingers.

Avner E.
I served in the IDF in a combat unit. So did (still do) my two sons. But if your definition of "enemy" is one who happen to base his views on facts, and dares to criticize the criminal actions of the Israeli government and the Trump administration - then in that case, I am an enemy. Proud to be.

Interestingly, Norman Cohen pointed out to me what could be the origin of my last name (which is unique - just 3 men bare it in Israel, and I don't know if any around the world):

As you may know, Myron, Efendowicz combines a Turkish title of nobility with a Polish patronym.
His language does not fit this background.


Turkish Effendi nobleman

19th century Polish noblemen 

I said:

Oh, Friedman's language does... (and Trump's).

We on the left have made a strategic decision: no more politeness, no more "fair game". We will fight you with your own weapon (= obscenities).

However, we will still stick to FACTs.

Expect to be defeated soon.

Avner E.

Then Norman then said:

Lets make a deal.
No more obscenities.

Fine with me!
Finally, A Mentch in this post (sorry, the other unspoken Mentch'es).

Avner E.

Mr. Friedman (who normally stays speechless at these stages), had this to say:

When one of the personalities is a coward and a deserter, a pariah in his own country, his personality counts a lot. No amount of invective is enough.

So in honor of his breaking of the silence, I went out of my way:

I may not deserve this (I'm humble), but in my country most people consider me a Hero.

Avner E.

Friday, October 30, 2020

My Conversation with "Bella", a Friend From the Netherlands

"Bella" is the nickname I gave to an email from, living in the Netherlands with her husband and teenage daughter.

I met a number of times. She loves to come to Israel, especially to Shlomo Artzi (a big rock and Israeli music star) concerts.

May 5, 2020:

Hi Avner,

Sorry I did not write earlier… there is no reason for this, except that I thought I’d already sent you a message after the last mail I received from you.

How are you? This morning Rob said that the regulations concerning Corona in Israel have been reduced. I hope you enjoy more freedom now. Can you go outside like you want? Go for a walk for no reason except that you enjoy it? 

We made a bike tour today, since it was Liberation Day and we had a day off. 75 years ago we were liberated from the Germans after WWII and every five years it’s a non-work day for big part of Holland. We cycled 44 km’s and were quite happy to be home after the tour. The sun was shining beautifully, but the wind was cold… 

I’m still working from home and I find it quite relaxing. But I’m also a little embarrassed to say this, since I have no fear for unemployment. I also enjoy the quiet outside. No shopping, no making plans to go on holiday. I’m okay with that. Last Sunday I visited my father, whom I had not seen since the beginning of March. He is keeping up rather well, but he is alone and lonely sometimes. I call him every day, but this is not the real thing. At work we ‘meet’ via Teams. It is a nice way of being together, but also, it’s not what I prefer. We humans need human contact and the digital thing is second best. 

How are your children and their wives? Are they in IL right now? Two or three weeks ago we saw a big demonstration on Rabin Square. I suppose Mazi participated. It was very impressive with 1,5 m distance. 

I’m enclosing a picture I made today. This is Schipluiden, a small village where we had a break. We had sandwiches and cake with us and enjoyed it with a strong cup of coffee. Look at the lovely blue sky and our proud flag. You Israeli’s know how to celebrate with flags, but we are a good second I think.

Keep up the good spirit & cheers!


May 9, 2020:


We are doing fine, only most of us in the family are unemployed... I've been unemployed since November (but only started looking in March - a long story). But maybe something will be signed soon.

My older son Ben is a student who works as El-Al security marshal - no flights now. My younger son Omer went on unpaid leave, and is looking for another job... so all three of us will be collecting unemployment. We are lucky to have Mazi providing for us...

But like I said, not all is bad. We see the bright sides - the quiet, the clean air, no flights (I love it), the math that the public learned (exponential, denominator...), the wrapped bread in the supermarket...

The politics really sucks. Mazi and I are quite desperate, and agree that the country is going down, with Netanyahu, the biggest SOB in Israeli politics ever.

Mazi still reads and writes whatsapp posts, and goes to demonstrations, but it's a waste of time. I know that I must not be saying that, but we see no light in the coming 2-3 years. Netanyahu completely hijacked the system, "killed" (politically) all his rivals, be it within own his party (now a bunch of chickens, who hate him but are united behind him for the sake of their jobs), his coalition (a bunch of opportunist-self-interested), and almost all opposition parties.

Benny Gantz, who was supposed to be the alternative and the only hope to kick him out - has just joined his government. Shame and disgrace. The Supreme Court ruled just yesterday that by Israeli Law, a person indicted with 3 severe charges (his trial is due in 2 weeks) can be a Prime Minister of the new government (and I'm divided - I'm not sure that they could rule differently - they could, but... another long story).

Anyway, it's Omer's birthday party tomorrow (30), and I'm busy making a short video for him. He went hiking with me and Mazi on section 22 of the Trail, so I owe him... Naa, I would do it anyway of course.

The village is beautiful! I wish we had such nice buildings and canals. I attach photos of us hiking.

Wishing you a quick recovery, quite soon!

"הגורל של כל האנושות כיום, נמצא בידיהם של מנהיגים מפגרים" (פיטר סינפילד, King Crimson)


Avner E.

June 2, 2020:

Hi Avner,

How is life far away? Are you enjoying more freedom in walking and cycling - and just moving around like you want?

Yesterday, the outdoor terraces opened again. We can sit outside, eat, have drinks and have a good time. So yesterday, we cycled to the beach where we had lunch in a beach restaurant. The weather was lovely, which was a great bonus. 

Schools have started as well  - only this is for limited time. In secondary education pupils go to school once a week… which is like nothing. In uni, nothing happens, only lectures at home. Poor Julianne. 

So what’s up with your (un)employment? You said it’s a long story, so do not feel pressured to tell about it if you do not want to. However, I hope you find a new job quickly - at least if that is what would make you happy. I sent an application last week for a new position, but unfortunately they did not select me for further interviews. For one day I was kind of miserable, but I never gave up before, so I won’t now. Lucky thing is that I do enjoy my work for most of the time. It’s just that I do not see myself here for the rest of my career, hence the first try for something else after 2,5 years. 

Rob and I talked about our holiday. I want to stay in the country, he wants to go abroad… I think this time I’m the one who decides, because I really think we should stay in Holland and invest in our own economy. If we stay in Zeeland, we are not far from Belgium, so that might be the ‘country abroad’ that we can visit. Julianne booked a flight to Seoul last November. That might have to be postponed to next year. 

Your son Omer was born in my birth-month May. I’m 55 now… something I am not really happy about. I am not the one who enjoys getting old. I cannot change it, but I do not like wrinkles and deterioration of the body in general. Thanks for sending the pictures. He is a good looking young man. Good genes I suppose.

About politics: We are somehow hooked on fake ass Trump. I detest him, he is a shame and disgrace to the world with his foul language and hateful words. I even took the Twitter app to see what messages he is sending. No fun in that, but I want to learn how this works. You don’t use Whatsapp, I am anti-Twitter. But in times like these, one needs to know. I’m grateful that our prime minister is nothing like Trump. 

Thanks for complimenting the beautiful village. It really is. I know that Holland is a great country to live and I’m very happy to pay taxes for that. Let’s hope we will manage to keep it up somehow. Not that I support the continuous growth of the economy, we should find ways to combine sustainability and a good life for everybody. Which is more than earning money (and yes, I am very privileged, because it is easy for me to say that — I have enough money en enough opportunities, the years I was ‘poor’ are long gone). We could easily talk an evening about this. 

For now I wish you all the best & hope to talk to you soon.



June 5, 2020:


I just started a new job this week. (well, kind of a job. It's temporary for 3-4 weeks, with a potential to extend). I haven't worked in 7 months as much as I did the last 3 days...

In Israel there's a new policy, that for each case of a student with Coronavirus - they must shut down the entire school. So, 87 schools closed down for this.

Other than that, life is almost back to normal. Well, except for 2 things basically: most people do wear masks in public (except the beach maybe), take body temperature etc.; and - the economy is in disaster... I think that most people don't realize yet the extent of that. Most people think that Netanyahu is their savior, running this crisis like a genius, and protecting us from Iran... I really feel sorry for them. He is just like Trump, only smart. Which is more dangerous, in a way, because Trump will fall down one day. But Netanyahu is with us until he is 85 or so. His trial will surly last 10 years or more (if he pushes it through - unless he resigns in exchange for dropping the charges, which EVERYBODY will love - including all his party mates).

As I told you, I actually like this thing of not being able to travel abroad. I wanted to go hike this weekend (2 days), but this new job ruined my plan. I worked even today (Friday, 1st day of the weekend of us), and even tomorrow.

Yes, I am too getting old. But don't care as much. It's funny to me how I look in the mirror - much like my father... I'm more worried about my shape. Which is kind of OK. I just realized this week (at work) that I have some of my brain left intact, so that's good. Some if it... My memory is not as before.

So, have a great weekend!


Avner E.

August 2, 2020:

Hi Avner,

First I’ll give you my apologies for being the lazy Dutch writer. I started a reply, but I never finished it and then the days passed by. I’m in the middle of my holidays: two weeks behind me and two weeks in front om me.

This year we have stayed in Holland. I wanted to sponsor our own economy in these difficult times and to be honest: which places are better than Holland now? Go to Germany and you have to wear masks in shops. Go to Belgium: same. Flying is out of the question. So Holland it is. We rented a cottage and took Julianne and a friend and in 1,5 hours we arrived at destination Zeeland. This part of Holland is known for the water and a big flood in 1953. Many people drowned, so we started to build the biggest dam: de Oosterscheldekering

30 years ago, the region was ‘far away’ and boring. Only farms, only water and people who are strictly protestant (so not so much fun in general). Now the tourists, a lot of Germans, have discovered it. I can understand why, it is really, really beautiful. Many small roads and paths for bikes. Sand and sea. Dunes and harbors. Many sunshine hours. And we were lucky ones, since the weather was perfect. Every morning we had breakfast in the garden and if that is possible, who complains? 

I really ask myself why I would need to go abroad if we have these beautiful places around the corner?

Yesterday Rob reminded me that today it is one year ago that I travelled to Israel. It seems such a long time ago and it still is only one year. He also said that he would go there immediately should we be able to. But this is so impossible at the time, that I cannot let this idea into my head. Our Saturday paper had a one-page article about protests in Jerusalem in front of B.N.’s house. Everything the same I suppose. 

How is the situation for you? Can you work? Can you move like you want to or are you restricted? Are you healthy? I hope that everybody is okay on your side.

Sometimes I’m worried about all the consequences we will have to deal with. Unemployment rate is very high in general (luckily in Holland it is not as bad as in Spain and Italy), people are very critical about what the government decides. And what about Black Lives Matter and our crazy man in the USA? We live in our bubble and manage very well, but the world is not. We have made a mess and it is not getting better. And who knows what you and I would do if we were in the political game? Power corrupts, so maybe we would go the same way as many do… I cannot imagine to be honest, but still. 

Yesterday we went at the beach. By bike. It’s a 12 km drive, so less than an hour. You cannot imagine the amount of cars full with people who think they will find a parking place at 11 in the morning. Thousands driving to the coast to find out that they have to drive back because there is no place to park. On the news people were told that the beaches are full and please go home. We wanted to rent a chair, but you could forget that as well. Luckily we got a table in a beautiful beach club, so we were good, but it was quite surreal. Let’s not discuss 1,5 m distance… 

So, dear Avner, I’m going to finish my breakfast and then I’m going for a walk with a friend. Life is full of small pleasures. Hope to hear from you. Enjoy your day.



Some beautiful spots in Zeeland. The bridge used to be the longest in Europe somewhere in the 1960’s/70’s. It is part of the ‘water works’ after the big flood in 1953. The harbor is in Zierikzee, a beautiful old town. 


August 4, 2020:


Good to hear so many good news! I'm glad that you are safe and healthy, and enjoying the scenery and good weather.

I absolutely agree - didn't have a good reason to fly anywhere for a long time. There are so many nice places, views, wild animals, flora etc., in our own country. Even before this corona-virus crisis, I felt like this, so I've been hiking the Israel national trail, as you know. And during this pandemic - all the more so.

I'm already almost half way through the Trail, 506 km out of the total of 1,066. I have a very detailed Excel table, with all the sections, distances, attractions, exact coordinates, things I missed, everything. I'm eager to update it every time I come back from a 1-2 day of walking. I hiked a little during the pandemic, some sections with my son, some with Mazi, some with both... right now I'm eager to go again, but too busy.

I started a permanent job last week, so it's good too.

The political situation is getting worse by the day. Netanyahu is determined to completely destroy this country before he is forced to leave office. He thinks that by turning the population against the whole democratic system - the judicial, the police, the media, the parliament, all the good people who are trying to survive and improve the situation a little - by instigating his supporters against all those, he thinks that he will get away from his criminal procedures (the trial already started on March, and it's going to continue for a good number of years). He may be correct in that, and this is why we are going up the hills to Jerusalem, every Saturday night, sometimes on weekdays too, in order to join a few tens of thousands of people who are making a lot of noise, passing the message that this criminal is not wanted here any more.

Only the future will tell, if all this is worth anything. Because this political magician and master of dirty tricks, may still have many new tricks down his sleeves. Contrary to former Prime Ministers who were brought down by civilian protests (amazingly, this young country already had a few of them: Rabin in 1977, Begin in 1983, Sharon 1982, Olmert 2008...) - contrary to all those corrupt people who now in light of this Master-criminal - suddenly they all look so moderate.... Netanyahu and his crazy miss Piggy and his terrible son - they will never volunteer to step down. It will take many troops of police officers to drag them out of their very luxurious life, and put them (hopefully!!) were they belong, in prison for many years... But right now, this is just a wishful thinking. At least, we are trying to do our share, by protesting near their monarchy home in Jerusalem (it's just 5 minutes walking from Mazi's parents home, so we have a convenient parking).

Did you know, that Sarah Netanyau, who always accompany her husband in his official trips - to get a free ride in first-class cabins and hotel rooms, and also - in order to make sure that he has no chance to flirt with other women... did you know that during those trips, she would bring some 8-11 suitcases, filled with her home laundry, so she can take advantage of the state-paid laundry services in the expensive hotels where they stay?... Yes, this is how she is. We are paying for all that.

So, continue enjoying your vacation, and stay healthy.


Avner E.

August 13, 2020:

Hi Avner,

50 % of the Trail, that’s quite an achievement. And I think it’s great that you make a detailed table. It makes you aware of all the things you do and see because you know that you are going to write it down at the end of a day (or maybe during the trail itself). 

In 2012 I went to Paris by myself for a week. It was my first holiday without Rob or Julianne or  friend and I enjoyed it immensely. It was cool, it was an adventure and I wrote my friends in Holland every day a mail containing all the important/special things I did or saw. Because I knew I had to write the mail, I looked at the world with different eyes. I also did this when I spent my first month in Israel. It was great fun and I think I could find the mails in my mailbox and enjoy them again. I’m always surprised to see how many details you loose over time. Pictures bring back memories, but words (and tables) as well. 

What I would like to know is what you are going to do with the things you missed. And what kind of things did you miss - because if you missed them, how would you know?. If you walk the Trail in the other direction, you can look for everything you have not seen during the first hike. But first finish the second half. 

Congratulations on your job. I hope you like it. In times like these you must be happy that you have found an employment. Unemployment rates are likely to increase a lot - KLM is going to fire many people they said. Same for the cultural sector like theater, concerts and events. I’m not worried at the time, and I’m happy about that. I’ll start to worry when the occasion occurs that my job will disappear. 

I admire Mazi and you for protesting against B.N. and Miss Piggy. It’s good that people stand for what they think is important. I did not know that Sarah takes her dirty laundry to a hotel to have them cleaned. Lazy lady. You must have lots of clothes and stuff to bring it all in suit cases with you. I would say it is embarrassing and shameful and you must be stupid to think that nobody will notice.  They have enough money for paying for their laundry. I cannot imagine why anyone would like to flirt with the master himself. For my eyes he is not attractive at all (but of course I know about men with power… and how that can affect the feeling of women and men as well I suppose). Let us not talk about Bill Clinton today… or about Epstein (did you see the documentary on Netflix?) or any other man who thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. 

I’m sitting on our balcony and looking at the rain. We had the hottest week ever and I’m happy that the temperature is going down a bit. Last night the temperature in our sleeping room was 30 degrees at night. Of course we do not have an air conditioning but luckily we have a ventilator on the ceiling. Apart from it being Chinese (Rob ordered it from Ali Baba thieves and I am very against that), it does the trick of keeping us from boiling. The last six days we could only sit and read and do practically nothing. I made two long walks: one in Germany (in the forest) with a friend, we started at 7:30 am and one along the coast from Hoek van Holland to Kijkduin, starting at 7:00. It is a good thing that I do not have to work this week. 

Hope you are doing well and enjoy the weekend. 



P.S. First picture is the view on Hoek van Holland which is a port. Second is the German forest and me with my walking shoes and backpack. 



August 22, 2020:

Hi there,

Doing the laundry is the least of all their evils. Actually the State pays for ALL their expenses, but I guess that she likes the way they iron it in the hotel, too.

She was convicted of stealing ~100K Euro worth of meals delivered to them, while there is a permanent cook in the house (paid by the state of course). It is VERY difficult to take those Mafiosos to court (they are capable of intimidating every state official to virtual death), so - mind you. Of course, the court only ordered her to pay back 1/6 of the money, and call me a Corona virus if she did...

The Trail - I see it as a permanent hobby, so I really think that once I finish, I will start over... (in the same direction).

I know about the things that I missed, because I plan ahead very carefully. I'm not spontaneous in that sense. I print out maps off the net, with "attractions" (to me, even an old dry well in the desert is an "attraction").

We also have a ceiling fan in our bedroom - works great! Of course we also have air condition (working right now), but when I'm alone, I turn it off. I'm very cheap... electricity bills go high in the summer.

You mentioned that KLM would fire employees... (bitter laughter). The Israeli airline EL-AL virtually doesn't exist any more... they only fly cargo now. My son Ben lost his job there, but he is going to be a high school teacher next month, and he found another income-supplement job in security in some other government institute.

So, miss Piggy and her husband and dirty-minded son, are sitting right now, as I write, in their mansion, and deciding about the fate of this country. If they want to, they will take the country to elections no. 4 in less than 2 years (because Netanyahu is high in the polls now, and it may be his last chance); or, they may decide that it's still too risky, and the better way to avoid his trial (and years in prison) - will be to have the elections in coming March. It's really totally up to those three, and nobody can do anything about it, and everybody is waiting for tomorrow, for the call... (well, actually the other members of their party can decide to kick him out, and team-up with the other coalition parties; they will make a new government in 1 day, but - they are scared to death for their jobs, if the Monster finds a way to ruin their plan - that would be the end for them.

So, the fate of this country is in the hand of a criminal, his crazy wife, and their low-life son. How nice! ("The Fate of all Mankind I see, is in the Hands of Fools"... - King Crimson)

Anyway, we have our lives to live... so funk it...

א' - אוהל, ב' - זה ביבי, ג' - זה גנב גדול


Avner E.

August 26, 2020:

Hi back to IL,

I was thinking of something I want to share with you. Two weeks ago I read a book about the information overload we are dealing with. The author (Dobelli) decided that he does not want to watch the news and read the paper any longer. He says that keeping up with the news does not make your life decisions any better. Of course he explained it in more words than I can do here, but this is quite a long story, so I hope you believe me for now.

Let me say: it sounds quite convincing, so I started my month without the news. One month was the suggestion in the book, so I will make my life easy and follow it.

And guess what: I do miss my paper at breakfast (just a little), but I also enjoy reading a book. I have not missed any important things because the really important things are being communicated by Julianne and Rob and sometimes colleagues tell me this or that. And to be honest: sometimes I hear things when Rob watches the news. But I’m not watching it consciously. And I do NOT miss Corona news. Not at all. I even changed my start-up page on Safari from the Volkskrant (paper) to Wikipedia. Which is more like wallpaper than for reading. 

What do you think about the news? Is it important for you? 



P.S. I’m always smiling when you are writing about Piggy & Co.  

P.S.2 You closed your mail with a Hebrew sentence. Can you translate it? I tried to use the net, but I only found more Hebrew… 

September 6, 2020:


Actually, I'm quite addicted to the news... in my own way.

That is: I HATE to watch the news on Television, in Israel. TV in Israel is so shallow, so manipulative, emotion-milling, rating-driven, that I can't watch even one minute of it. I really hate all actuality programs - almost all documentaries, discussion, and of course the news.

That is true as well for most web news channels, which are full of gossip, celebrities, nothing that appeals to me.

I get my news almost exclusively from one source - Ha'aretz daily. It's far from being perfect, and I don't like the way that it covers certain topics, such as Netanyahu's affairs. But I think that it's the only medium that deserves the name "newspaper".

I actually follow some stories in the news, and especially the Netanyahu family, very closely. It resembles the BEST drama stories, much like Shakespeare's plays, full of passion, desires, even violence. The big difference, in my view - it's REAL. There is no "reality" TV show that can provide the level of interest, drama, insights and emotions.

So, as you can see, I'm mixed - I'm totally, zealously disconnected from the mainstream media; and at the same time I do follow all of the news, in my own select channels.


Avner E.

September 16, 2020:

Hi Avner,

And I still live without the news. 

I almost missed the new lock-down in IL, but fortunately other people (= Rob) informed me. How are you doing? Is it really, again, the rule that you can only go outside within 500 m around your building? And what do you think about the date at which the new lock-down will be starting? When I’m informed correctly it starts on your New Year and I think this is because it is an important and festive family day, so the government does not want you to mingle and spread. 

I hope it will be possible to continue normal life soon… and while I’m saying this, I suspect it will take a long time before normal is normal - if ever. 

Yesterday was Prinsjesdag, the day on which our King addresses the country and makes a speech which is written by our government. He said that next year will be hard and difficult, because we will feel the effect of Corona. Unemployment of course. And struggles with our economy. I must admit that I read about this in the paper. For once. And it is very uninteresting, because no news. What else should we expect? 

For now I want to wish you a happy new year. May you all stay healthy and optimistic. Eat your apples with honey, drink a lovely glass of wine and say

 שנה טובה ומתוקה

Cheers to you and Mazi,


(and Rob & Julianne as well)

September 17, 2020:

Just yet we heard that the region we live in is marked as code red for Corona. The Germans cannot visit us here. And tomorrow we will be informed which measures will be taken. 

This is all due to students who are meeting and not keeping distance. Like Julianne...

Cross fingers. 



Dit bericht is verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone. 

September 23, 2020:


I think that you got it a little wrong this time, regarding the reason for the lockdown. When you say that the government wants the people not to mingle - you are giving too much credit to Mr. Netanyahu and the bunch of Criminals surrounding him (and working their butts off for him, and for him only, literally).

The reality is, that there is no government, on an actual basis. There is just one guy and his wife and son, and they decide - almost everything. I could give you dozens of examples: The no. 2 most popular person in the Likud party - Sarah hates him and he is a threat to Netanyau. So not only that he was not given a major ministry - he is out of the government altogether... Another guy, who is a popular figure - was exiled by Netanyau to be the ambassador to the UN... an unimportant, but very cozy roll (New York, you know).

And the list goes on and on and on.

Here is the main reason that drives the nature of this lockdown:

From a medical point of view (and this is what all expert say, including Netanyau's nomination for the Projector of Corona, Prof. Gamzoo) - the right thing to do is a partial and differential lockdown, on "red cities" and communities only.

The problem is - almost all such communities belong to two sectors: the Arabs, and the Orthodox. Both have very problematic patterns of behavior when it comes to Coronavirus regulations. (But there is one big difference - almost all Arabs admit that they don't behave properly as a community, and they call for the government to help sort this out; while among the Orthodox, you can hardly find very few honest people, who will admit about a problem with them). Like most religious and zealous groups, they are very monolithic, they obey their Rabbis above all (and it's only ironic, that when you try to suggest that their behavior helps to spread the virus - they accuse you for "anti-semtisim", because traditionally, the antisemits used to blame Jews for spreading diseases... but this time, it is true to some extent).

So, Netanyahu doesn't want to force a lockdown on the Orthodox, mostly, just because he doesn't have a government without their support. (and if he is not in power any more - then he can't hold back his trial any more, and then - it's jail time for him). So, everything that he does, is driven by one thing, and only one - what can delay and prevent the process of bringing him to justice.

For the Arabs - he couldn't care less. But since he can't lock down just the red spots of society - he is pushing for a complete lockdown.

That's the whole story, in a nutshell.

He knows that another overall lockdown will give a knock-out to the economy - but what does he care?! - all his personal expenses, and his family's, are paid for by the State. So he is doing only what's good for him. It's that simple.

Sorry for "eating your head" as we say in Hebrew slang, and writing too much politics.

I also expect this situation to last quite long. We will survive it, personally, because in our family and close circles, life is OK. But the entire country is in dire straits.

I did not know that you had a king... sorry, I thought you had a queen only... queen Beatrice? Or did it change already from last time I checked?... I don't have the time now to go to Wikipedia... I was very busy at work the whole week. This is why it took me long to reply. Thank "god" that I have a job... I really feel lucky for that.

Thank you for your wishes for the new Jewish year (although I don't really celebrate it, I have no religion sentiments at all, and frankly I don't feel that a year starts at any point in time... it's just one circle, for me, with no beginning and no end. But almost everybody else does, so I must respect that).


Avner E.

October 20, 2020:

Hi Avner,

Thanks for telling me more about B.N. & Co and how you see it. Of course my view on Israeli politics is limited. But what I find difficult to understand is how other people like this No. 2 in the Likud party is not smart enough to avoid being sent away… This sounds kind of weak to me. I do enjoy your explanation about politics in Israel. We do not hear so much about in Holland. Except for approx. two weeks ago when your protests were on the news. Since you could not go far from home, they showed images where people are standing with Israeli flags along highways. They interviewed an Israeli general who rents an apartment in Israel in order to be able to protest against B.N. 

I do understand how B.N. needs the orthodox party to support him. I just read in the paper that the city of New York did not permit a wedding for 10.000 people. Who wants to organize such a big wedding? People who think the can come together in masses and nothing will happen. 

We have the same discussion here. The churches are not subject to government regulations. It is part of our constitution that there is a separation of state and church and because of this the state is not to interfere in what churches want. They are allowed to have services with as many people as they want. Some churches have place for 3.000 people. They say that they are not afraid of Corona, because God decides what is going to happen. Have faith. 

About our king. We indeed have a king. His name is Willem Alexander and he succeeded Beatrix a couple of years ago. He and his wife have three beautiful daughters. But he made one big mistake: Last Friday they flew to their house in Greece. It’s autumn holiday here. Whereas we, the people, were requested to stay at home or in the country. So this resulted in a big protest and within a day they came back. Of course the blame is on our prime minister. If the kind makes a mistake, the PM always takes the blame. The king can do nothing wrong. My mother in law is very disappointed and I also think that he has no feeling for what is important now. 

At this time we are in partial lockdown. The restaurants are closed. No shopping nights. Almost no sport is possible. Schools are open though, except colleges and universities. I work at home, the office is closed again. It will be for at least four weeks, but I think we need longer. I still am not worried about anything, but there are so many people for whom it is different. I understand why you feel lucky for your job. You are. 

So, let’s not loose patience and optimism. These are not the best times, but if it continues like this we’ll manage. And who knows about the future…? Orthodox Jews and Christians. Haha. 

Regards with one big smile,


October 24, 2020:


Yes, we are facing very similar situations.

People here (those who criticize the government) say that for all they know, Israel is the only country in the Western world (or the whole world?) to have a 2nd lockdown. It is true, that Israel has one of the worst rankings among progressive countries (that's a fact), but - I did not know that in the Netherlands you also had a partial lockdown.

We actually returned to the office last Sunday. Work places that don't have to accept visitors or customers (such as mine) can be open for work. But most restaurants are closed. Those that work, are only allowed to deliver. (It's funny - we went to buy dinner at a restaurant, but we couldn't walk in. We had to call to reserve, and they wouldn't give us the food - only to the delivery company. Delivery motorbikes were the only ones driving. We asked them to pick up the food for us, we were willing to pay them for delivery plus tip - but the restaurant refused. So we went home, and waited 20 minutes for the delivery...)

On the other hand, some businesses started to rebel, and open their places. They will get fined 5,000 shekels, but they don't care. I think that nobody will pay those fines anyway... or hardly anyone.

Funny that you mentioned your king... Here, in the country of "a light beacon to the world" (as Jews like to refer to themselves sometimes), there were at least 10-15 major public figures who broke the regulations: The President, Some ministers, the military chief, the head of secret services,... and of course, Netanyahu and all his family. Some people are so pissed off, that they want to leave everything and get away from here. So, you are in good company...

Regarding state and church - I wish that we were in your position. But - I have to say, that the separation does not and should not mean that the religious people are above the law. I'm surprised by what you said. Because, for example in the US, another country free from the Church (they have many other problems), orthodox Jews know that they don't have any political power, so - surprise surprise - they work for living, they obey the law - just like any other citizen. I am all for the separation, and I don't understand why this should mean that the state has no jurisdiction in the churches. I do understand that it is so difficult to separate them, here in Israel, but I think that we must do it, for the sake of the state - as well as for the religion! I think that their faith also suffers from this situation. It weakens them, they are spoiled by the state, they don't have to struggle as they used to, when they lived out of Israel; Plus, it gives their religion bad reputation, for being needy, bossy and over-controlling.


Avner E.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

דיון משפחתי על הפוליטיקה של נגיף הקורונה

:שווה קריאה

.זה מה שאני אומר מאז הבחירות
'ועוד הוא עושה פה הנחה קטנה לבנט וסמוטריץ

:גם ממליץ על הפרק המעולה הזה עם רחל עזריה
פרק 173: המדריכה למהפכה

שווה קריאה כן, אבל הפעם אני לגמרי לא מסכים

עוד פעם האיזון הקדוש? ("איזון" היא מילת מפתח ששלטה במשך שנים בערוץ 1; בכל פעם שהביאו עמדה מצד שמאל, ולא משנה כמה הייתה בקונסנזוס, ולא משנה איזו תמיכה רחבה הייתה לה - היו חייבים להביא עמדת נגד, בשם האיזון).

למען הפלורליזם - אני ממש בעד להשמיע דעות הפוכות.
אבל מי שיוצר מצג-שווא, כאילו יש דימיון בין הביביזם הדמגוגי, השקרי, האינטרסנטי, המונוליטי, העיוור, האלים, לבין קומץ המקללים מה"שמאל" - הוא זורה חול בעיניים.

ויכול להיות שהם צודקים ואנחנו טועים! אני לא שולל את האפשרות, ומכבד את מי שבעד נתניהו כי הוא חושב שהוא מנהיג דגול. ועדיין, המתודה של הביביסטים שקרית.

זה וואט-אבאוטיזם במירעו. (הוא ראה כמה קללות בטלפונים! אוי אוי אוי).

.כמו שאמר טראמפ - "אני מגנה את שני הצדדים"

Avner E.

מסכים עם אבא. אני מכבד את עקיבא ויצא לי לדבר איתו כמה פעמים בהפגנות. אבל הדרך שבה הוא מציג עובדות פשוט אבסורדית. כשהעיפו אותו מערוץ 13 לפני ארבעה חודשים, בכתבה הראשונה שלו בהארץ הוא כתב שהמפגינים בבלפור דומים מאוד לנערי הגבעות. באמת??
הייתי שם כל ערב כמעט בזמנו ולא ראיתי שום דבר שדומה לנערי גבעות, חוץ ממרעישים וצועקים. אבנים על שוטרים? בקתבים? שריפות של כל רכב צבאיים? לא ראיתי. ניגשתי אליו באחת ההפגנות ושאלתי אותו אם הוא רואה כאן נוער גבעות. הוא ענה שהוא בא לראות תמיד בעיניים. מעניין, מאז לא ראיתי אותו שם. 
אזה השוואה זולה ומיותרת, מי שבהפגנות באופן עקבי יודע בדיוק מאזה צד מגיעה האלימות. או המשטרה או הימין שבאים לקלל ולהכות. רק אתמול נטפלו אליי מגבניקים בדיוק ב21:30 ולקחו לי את הסיר והכף בכח למרות שהפסקתי לתופף כי ב21:30 אסור. השוטר אמר שלא מעניין אותו ועם עם שניים חטף לי מהיד. אחר כך כבר התחילו לחלק דוחות לכולם, למרות שכולם גרים בטווח הקילומטר, בטענה של 2 מטר. אז אדון נוביק קצת התבלבל עם ההשוואות ההזויות שלו ועד שאנשים כולל הוא לא יגיעו ויראו בעיניים יום אחרי יום הם ימשיכו להפיץ שקרים שיש אלימים ויש קיצונים ויש ביביסטים בשמאל. אתמול ראיתי מול העיניים סמוי מרביץ לבחור בן 60 ועוצר אותו. על מה? גם הגרעין הכי קשה של בלפור אתמול סך הכל עשה רעש ורצה להפגין, לא להתעמת, לא לצעוק ימניים בוגדים וביבי תמות, ולא שום דבר אחר. להפגין. 

אם ההפגנות משרתות את ביבי או את מחנה השמאל, זה אני לא יודע ויכול להיות שאת הימין אם הסקרים לשם שינוי יהיו נכונים מתישהו. אבל לבוא ולבקר אנשים שלא עובדים כבר חצי שנה ובאים להפגין ולקרוא להם ביביסטים זה זול מאוד.

אפילו קובי יעקבי, שהוא השוטר הכי מתון שם, ומנהל כל הפגנה בצורה טובה, ואני אחרי כל הפגנה אומר לו תודה ולילה טוב - הרים עליי ידיים אתמול, ועל כל מי שלא היה לרגע על המדרכה. זה לא אשמתו. יש הנחיות מלמעלה להפחיד מפגינים

.אוקיי. אתם לדעתי לגמרי מפספסים את המסר
נכון אולי הכותרת מטעה (זה חלק מהמטרה של כותרות) אבל אני קורא את הכתבה כניתוח די מדויק של המפה הפוליטית. 
לדעתי (ואולי אני לא הבנתי) נובק לא עושה פה שום ״איזון קדוש״. וזה ממש לא וואט אבוטיזם. הוא לא עושה את השוואה כדי להגיד: הנה תראו גם בשמאל יש שנאה קיצונית ולא רציונלית ולכן זה מאזן את השנאה מהימין. ממש לא. 
שוב, הוא סהכ מנתח את מצבו העגום של השמאל מרכז (ימין רך) שנופל שדוד לתרגילים פוליטים של נתניהו. ואם יש פה חול שנזרה אז הוא לכיוון העיניים של מאוכזבי כחול לבן-העבודה-מרצ שמחר יצביעו בנט וליברמן ובהצלחה לכולנו. 

״ואולם, בשם הכמיהה להחלפת נתניהו הביביסטים בשמאל מוכנים לקבל כל אלטרנטיבה, מופרכת ככל שתהיה. מי שחושב שממשלה של 61 אצבעות רופפות — בתוכן אלה של אביגדור ליברמן, של חברי המשותפת ומרצ ושל האוזר — תתפקד כמו שצריך, משלה את עצמו. מי שמגדף את אנשי השמאל אבי ניסנקורן, חילי טרופר ומיכאל ביטון, שמתפקדים כעצמות בגרונו של נתניהו, מתנהל ברגשנות ולא בשכלתנות.״

מה זה "תתפקד כמו שצריך?" מישהו בממשלת אחדות הזאת מתפקד?
ממרץ היה צריך לתגבר את מערכת הבריאות. זה גם עודה וגן ליברמן וגם בן גביר יודעים
ולא לצעוק גוועלד כל ערב בחדשות על 800 חולים קשים
ממשלה של סמרטוטים. ביבי בראש וכולם נותנים לזה יד

החרדים עושים מה שבא להם ומתקהלים בפנים 1000 איש, ובסוף מאה מפגינים באוויר הפתוח מקבלים דוחות של 1000 שקל על 2 מטר. זו ממשלה מתפקדת? מעדיף את עודה ובנט ואפילו יאיר לפיד ולא את השכונה והמחדל הזה שהמשטרה והממשלה ומשרד הבריאות מנהלים יחד

אפשר גם לראות את ההתפרקות של נושאיי תפקידים מקצועיים שעוזבים את המערכת, זה מאוד מדכא.
אני מודה על מצבינו הטוב, אבל המצב הפוליטי והחברתי פה עושה לי דיכאון .

מי שלא עובד כבר חצי שנה, או נכה, או אחות שחוקה, או מלצר עייף, או בעל צהרון לא יכולים כרגע בשום מובן לעסוק בלתכנן איך להרכיב קואליציה חברתית עוד 10 שנים. הם עסוקים בלחזור לעבוד ולנשום, אם נתי של נעה שמצביע ליברמן/בן גביר הגיע לבלפור להפגין כנראה שקורה פה משהו גדול יותר ממםה פוליטית וכן סיפוח או לא סיפוח. הם הורסים את הכלכלה ואת החיים של החלשים ואת מוסדות המדינה מהיסוד, במסווה של טיפול בריאותי. זה בהרבה יותר חמור כרגע מכל מגדף שמאלני או ימני שהחיים שלו קרסו. וגם מי שלא קרס מותר לו להתאכזב אחרי ששיקרו לו ולהצביע למי שהוא רוצה, חלק עודה, חלק בנט וחלק מרצ וחלק ליברמן.

ושוב לא הכל זה מפה פוליטית והסקרים של עמית סגל הקאחבה הזה. אנשים קורסים, מתאבדים, נשים נרצחות, תלמידים לא לומדים, עסקים קטנים בחובות של מיליונים, הקופה הציבורית מתרוקנת, זה לא הזמן לחשוב על קולות ועל עוד מערכת בריאות. זה הזמן לשקם

מצוין. תפגין. לרגע לא אמרתי שלא. 
רק שאם אתה רוצה לשקם ושיתעסקו בכל הזוועות מתוך המציאות שאתה מתאר פה (ואני מסכים) אז לדעתי כן צריכה לעניין אותך המפה הפוליטית

בחירות שיעלו מילארדים לא יתרמו לשיקום. המשבר צריך להוביל חכים להגיד עד כאן הכלכלה קורסת, יותר חשוב אוכל ופרנסה של המצביעים *שלנו* (ערבים, חרדים, מתנחלים, ימניים, שמאלנים) ולהגיש אי אמון ולהתחיל לעבוד

אם בסוף בסוף מעניין את עודה רק לכבוש מחדש את ישראל ולא שערבים יעבדו ויאכלו, ואת בנט רק ישראל השלמה ולא שמתנחלים יתפרנסו קודם כל ויהיו בריאים, ואת הורוביץ רק החזרת שטחים קודם כל ולא מערכת בריאות תקינה וכלכלה עובדת, ואת מיקי זהר רק חיסול הדמוקרטיה גם אם ביביסטים לא יעבדו עכשיו שלוש שנים וייגמר הכסף, אז באמת שעדיף לרדת מהארץ. אני לא מאמין שזה המצב ולכן הם צריכים לשבת יחד ולהדיח את מי שלא עובד למען הציבור ופועל ממניעים אחרים. מטילים סגר על עסקים קטנים בגלל הפגנות. באזה עוד מדינה אוכלים מהכיס לאנשים כדי למנוע זכויות דמוקרטיות במכוון ובגלוי?

אתה אופטימיסט. הלוואי ופוליטיקה תעבוד ככה

פולטיקה בימי שגרה. כרגע יש מיליון מובטלים ובור בביטוח לאומי שלא היה אף פעם, ורהמ עם שלושה כתבי אישום. התסריט כל כך הזוי שאולי גם הפוליטיקה תתאים את עצמה על מנת להמשיך להתקיים בעצמה

כל הכבוד לכם, שיש לכם כח לדון ולהעלות טיעונים ענייניים, ממש דיבייט אמריקני (לא בצחוק). ולהקליד על המכשיר המעצבן הזה. אני כל כך גאה בשניכם! באמת. וכל הכבוד על התקווה ועל האופטימיות. לי כבר אין כוח... מחכה למהפכה. בהצלחה.

:עונה פה גם לאבא
איך ההפך משיקול טקטי הוא ״השיקול המוסרי?״ לא לקלל, להכפיש ולהשתתף דה לגיטימציה לכחול לבן/עבודה/מרצ שיוצאת מבלפור זה לא מוסרי? אני מבולבל. 
לרוב העם דעות ימין. נקודה. 
עכשיו השאלה אם נלחמים על ניסיון להדוף את אחד המנהיגים היותר מסוכנים שהיו פה (לדעתי). או לשרוף את המועדון (47 מנדטים בבחירות האחרונות) ולתכנן לטווח הארוך-לא ביטחוניסטים, הטיקט החברתי, שמאל כלכלי (יש עוד דבר כזה?),  סיום הכיבוש מהאופוזיציה? וכל זה באקלים של ממשלת ימין-דתית-חרדים רחבה. כאמור, בהצלחה.

:אני (בוואטסאפ)
חששתי שלא תבין אותי, למרות שדיברנו על זה בשישי. הטקטי הוא לחלוטין לא ההפך ממוסרי. ולרגע לא טענתי שאתה או תומכי כחול לבן לא מוסריים. פשוט, יש פה שני שיקולים... די, נמאס מהמכשיר הזה, עובר לאימייל.

:אני (באימייל)
לגמרי לא התכוונתי שתומכי כחוללבן (שאני לא ביניהם), לא התכוונתי שהם לא מוסריים, חלילה.

פשוט, יש כאן שני שיקולים, שבמקרה הזה כנראה מתנגשים: להיות או לו להיות? מה יותר נעלה, לשאת באורך רוח חיצי גורל אכזר... (לא זוכר את ההמשך מ"המלט"). בקיצור, להמשיך להפגין נגד נתניהו (שזה מה שהשיקול המוסרי אומר), למרות שזה עלול להוריד לנו נקודות במרכז, כי מאשימים אותנו בהפצת מחלה; או לעשות הפסקה, כדי להרוויח לגיטימציה (שיקול טקטי).

Avner E.

.שוב לא, לא ולא
לרגע לא שמתי על המזאנים את: הפגנות=אשמה בהפצת מחלות מול הפסקה כדי להרוויח לגיטימציה. 

אני יוצא נגד הדה-לגיטימציה בתוך מחנה המרכז שמאל שמופנת כלפי מי שמנסה להדוף ממשלת ימין רחבה ומפוררת די בקלות את המחנה. זה בדיוק מה שנובק כתב עליו- ביביסט משמאל זה לא לנתק את הרגש ולהגן על ה(אידיאולוגיה?) או מה שזה לא יהיה בכל מחיר. ואוקיי יכול להיות שאם הייתי חסר אמצעים לגמרי, ועל זה אני מודה לכם, לעצמי ולאלוהים (וזה לא שהמשבר לא פגע בי) היה לי יותר קשה לנתק את הרגש. 

לגיטימי להתאכזב מהמהלך של אחרי הבחירות. אולי אני נאיבי אבל אני מנסה לנתק את הרגש ולבחון את זה רציונלית ולכן כל ביקורת שיש לי היא כלפי הצד הביביסטי בממשלה ואני חושב שנכון לעשות את ההפרדה (זאת דעתי ואולי אני טועה). 

כל הכבוד, בן... על הניסוח, האיפוק והענווה.

אז אני לא הבנתי אותך, ולא להיפך. חשבתי שאתה בעד לשפר את הלגיטימציה, וטעיתי.
הטיעון שצריך להישאר בממשלה כי האלטרנטיבה גרועה יותר - הוא טיעון רציני מאד.

אני ממש לא יודע מה יותר גרוע בשביל כחוללבן - לפרוש או להישאר. הם מחזיקים את העמודים בבית בוער; אם יעזבו אז הבית יפול, אם יישארו אז הוא יחזיק עוד כמה דקות... עד שיישרפו ביחד איתו. או שאולי תהיה בסוף רוטציה (מישהו עדיין מאמין?)
אני מתכוון, ההבנה שלי בפוליטיקה ובחיזוי העתיד לא מספיקה כדי להתיימר (כמו רוב הטוקבקיסטים, והפעם באמת מימין ומשמאל בלי הבדל) לדעת מה יתברר כיותר טוב (או פחות גרוע). מותר להגיד: לא יודע.

אני רק חושב שצריך לבקר את נוביק על השימוש במונח ביביסט. זה מטבע לשון שיש לו משמעות די ברורה כבר - מישהו חסר עיניים ואוזניים ובעיקר מה שביניהם. (ואנשים כמו סבא וסבתא לגמרי לא בקטגוריה הזאת - בשבילם נתניהו הוא ברירת-מחדל, לא משיח ולא מלך).

Avner E.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Datsun עוד דיון על נגיף הקורונה, עם ידידי-כאח-לי

פרסמתי את הקישור הזה לכתבה ב"הארץ" (להזכירכם, המוסד היחיד בישראל הראוי לשם המחייב "עיתון יומי")

בשוודיה מצליחים לבלום את הנגיף בלי סגר, אבל שרת הבריאות המקומית מזהירה משאננות

שוודיה, "בעת הזאת" (...) היה המדינה שמבקרי הממשלה אוהבים להיתלות בה (ולדעתי, בצדק) כמודל של התמודדות רציונלית ונכונה עם הנגיף. בעיני רוב הפרשנים בישראל, היא מהווה מפלט ל"מכחישי קורונה" (כפי שאנחנו מכונים, לפחות בן-שלי-קטן, עומר, ואני)

בשוודיה גם מתגוררים אדם, אחיה של הגרי, עם אשתו

ציטוט מהכתבה

"זו אינה תחרות ואין סיבה להכריז על מנצח. עדיין מוקדם ומסוכן מדי מכדי להשוות שיעורי תמותה שבועיים.... בטווח הארוך, כולנו זקוקים לחברה שמתפקדת היטב. עלינו ללמוד מאחרים את מה שאפשר, לא להפנות אצבעות מאשימות ולנסות להתמיד בציות להמלצות לאורך זמן." - הלנה הלנגרן, שרת הבריאות של שוודיה (לא הטילה סגרים, שיעור תמותה בינוני-גבוה, כלכלה מתאוששת מהר, כיום עם שיעור הדבקה בין הנמוכים ביותר בעולם)

וציטוט רלוונטי ומקביל

"כל העולם לומד מאיתנו את השיטות איך להילחם בקורונה" - בנימין נתניהו, ראש הממשלה של ישראל, מדינה בהתפרקות מוחלטת, עם שיעור ההדבקה הגבוה בעולם המערבי

על כך ענה לי ידידי Dutsun

הגברת הנ״ל אין לה אותן בעיות שיש בישראל, יש לה ממשלה שמתפקדת. בישראל יש ממשלה אבל לא מתפקדת

!אם יש סגר אז הם שומעים ולא יוצאים להפגנות

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נכון מאד! אתה צודק לחלוטין
?!ומדוע הממשלה לא מתפקדת
אולי זה קשור לכך שמי שהרכיב את הממשלה, ומי שמנהל אותה, ומי שמונע סמכויות בכל כוחו, מכל אחד שמסוגל לעשות משהו - אותו מישהו הוא פושע, מושחת, שעסוק בכל דקה מזמנו במשפט שלו, בתקשורת, במלחמה נגד האויבים האישיים שלו במקום נגד האויבים של המדינה
?ושבגללו, ישראל נמצאת היום במצב הכי גרוע בעולם, במאבק במגפת הקורונה

?סתם מחשבה שעלתה לי בראש עכשיו. אולי הדברים קשורים איכשהו לאיש הזה, נתניהו


אתם רק שכנעתם אותי שנתניהו המציא את הקורונה רק בכדי להישאר בכוח בממשלה
כולכם אשמים במה שקורה. המפגנים ,הדתיים,החילונים.הערבים. ושאר המדינה. אם לא תיקחו אחריות היא מעבר לפינה מחכה לכם
כן הוא מושחת אבל אני בעד לחכות עד למשפט. אולי אתם לא מאמינים בבתי המישפט בישראל מפני שהכל מושחת שם. אני גם מסכים

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מי אמר שנתניהו המציא את הקורונה? לא אמרנו את זה
הקורונה רק באה לו במזל, ודחתה את המשפט שלו
אם יהיה לו עוד מזל, הוא יצליח להטיל סגר מלא, ואז לבטל את המשפט לגמרי

מי שמפיץ את הקורונה כרגע זה בעיקר החרדים, וגם קצת הערבים
אבל יש הבדל גדול - רוב הערבים מודים שיש אצלם בעיית קורונה (ומבקשים מהממשלה לעזור באכיפת החוק והאלימות), לא מכחישים אותה ולא שמים זין על כל העולם כמו החרדים
עם החרדים האלה, אין שום פלא שיש קצת אנטישמיות בעולם

המפגינים לא מפיצים בכלל, אין לזה שום עדות

לא הכל מושחת בבתי המשפט, ואני מעריך שאם יהיה לנו מזל ויהיה משפט, הוא יורשע

כדי להכניס אדם לכלא, צריך בית משפט
אבל לא צריך משפט כדי לדעת שהוא כישלון מוחלט

ככל שאני קורא יותר ולומד את תיקי האלפיים , אני משוכנע יותר בחפותו .אם הוא ישב לפניי 12 חברי מושבעים פה (בארה"ב) הוא זכאי. 100% ואני לא אכנס פה לפרטים
האם יהיה לנאשם מישפט צדק! לא.ולא. באמריקה הכל הייה ניזרק לפח. בישראל התובע יכול להסתיר
הכל . ולשים צו איסור פירסום והשופט מסכים? זה מה שעושים בצפון קוריאה .סין.רוסיה

?איך אתם האור של ישראל מסכימים הא הא. שמנדלבליט יהיה. גם היועץ הממשלתי. וגם התובע הכללי

למה אתם לא מפגנים נגד משה כחלון? חברה שעמדה ליפני פשיטת רגל Hot פתאום בלי להשקיע
שקל.עושה כסף על התשתיות של בזק .לא משלמת לבזק . רק מפניי שאח שלה הוא שר התיקשורת

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עזוב את השחיתות. לא נסכים על זה, וזה בסדר

הוא צריך להתפטר בלי קשר לשחיתות. ראש הממשלה הגרוע ביותר שהיה לישראל אי-פעם
והתחרות על התואר הזה מאד קשה, כי רובם היו גרועים. אבל נתניהו גרם כזה הרס, שייקח הרבה שנים לתקן (ואני כבר לא מאמין שיתוקן)

!סוףשבוע נעים

Avner E

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Some more Polite Blessing Exchanges with an American Conservative (vol. 6)

August 25, 2020:

Subject: BLM: A Martyr A Minute


Thousands of police encounters every year. At the rate this is going, they'll burn down the whole country. But it isn't that the point?

Bottom line: It's all leftist bullshit, designed to topple Trump. The USA won't survive four years of Biden/Harris. But isn't that the point?

Dan Friedman, NYC

I said:

If a few burnt cars (and houses?) are what it takes to get rid of this stupid red-neck, then so be it.
Four more years of you guys in power are much worse that this collateral damage.

Avner E.

August 26, 2020:
Subject: They Can't Win Unless They Cheat!

3 shot, 2 killed in 3rd night of unrest over Blake shooting
CNN poll shows Trump gaining on Biden
Biden Gets No Immediate Convention Bounce

BLM madness is driving America into the arms of Donald Trump. Even some liberals' faith has been shaken. Unintended consequences stoked by the rampage of the deranged Left, and their allies the media maggots. Just so many cringers and self-haters to go around.

No way Biden/Harris can win in November unless they stuff the ballot box with phony mail-in ballots and fabricate a "Constitutional crisis". Why the hell do you think Botox Nancy is suddenly interested in the Post Office?

If you don't fancy standing six feet apart at the polls, that's OK. Now’s the time to get your absentee ballot. Otherwise, STFU!

Saddle up, patriots. Desperate Demorats do desperate things. Let's hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 

Man the barricades, if they steal the election!

Dan Friedman, NYC

I said:
The more time you spend in your fantasy world (of: fake news, "intelligent design", deep state, etc.) - the more painful will the awakening be, come November 4th.

"I like big fat men like you. When they fall, they make more noise..."

Avner E.

August 30, 2020:
Subject: Portland Shooter Identified - BLM Supporter

[Yes, I know it's just a Tweet. But I'm confident this is the guy who killed the Portland Trump supporter last night. df]

Dan Friedman, NYC

I said:
"...ARE openly killing..."
ARE is for plural, not singular.
Go back to 1st grade and learn your English, stupid Red-Necks.

The Latino immigrants speak much better English, LOSERS!

Avner E.

August 31, 2020:
Subject: Faster Than A Speeding BLM Bullet

Mark this: Hours after the suspect (BLM) and the victim (Trump supporter) in the Portland murder were named by sources on the Internet, the mass media maggots are still at a loss. Keeping the truth bottled up so they can "spin it" and give it an anti-Trump slant. That takes time. Of course, the lying liars will say they're being "thorough."

Today there are a thousand "reporters" with video cameras recording every event. If this means the demise of the corrupt corporate media and the rise of spontaneous, independent, crowdsourced newsgathering then it will be a blessing in disguise amid all the chaos and the sturm and drang. Who needs the filthy bastards anyway!

Dan Friedman, NYC

I said:
We are all for "the rise of spontaneous, independent, crowdsourced newsgathering". This will speed up you guys being kicked out, and returning to your worm holes. In just 65 days.

Avner E.

September 1, 2020:
Subject: Trump Visits Kenosha. World Doesn't End.

Dan Friedman, NYC

I said:

Come on... you have found just ONE mishap of Biden, so you had to use a clever video tool to seamlessly run it in a LOOP...
Compare this to the Thousands of clips showing Trump mumbling rubbish...

Thanks to the real inarticulate Trump, you guys (the USA) are no longer the leaders of the free world...

Avner E.

September 3, 2020:
Subject: We Now Go To The Oval Office...

Here's a special message from The President of The United States:

Dan Friedman, NYC

I said:

Oh yes, Trump the Imbecile is very articulate...

62 more days, and you're all OUT.

Avner E.

September 4, 2020:
Subject: From "Sleepy Joe" to "Creepy Joe"

Make sure your kids are asleep before you see this:

Be Afraid, Very Afraid

Dan Friedman, NYC

I said:

Really, this is all you have against him?!...

That means that in just 61 days, you guys are OUT.

We WIN, you guys LOSE, Suckers.

Avner E.

September 4, 2020:
Subject: There's Something About Joe

Thanks to Breitbart, now we know what it is.

Donald Trump Jr. on Joe Biden’s Mental Decline: He’s Had Two Brain Aneurysms Requiring Surgery

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s brain aneurysms and related brain surgeries are linked to his visibly impaired cognition, said Donald Trump Jr., author of Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden And The Democrats’ Defense Of The Indefensible, offering his remarks on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

I quote Joe Biden’s own doctor [in my book],” said Trump Jr. “Americans don’t know that this guy’s had two brain aneurysms requiring brain surgery. The chances of being normal after one of those things is not very high. After two, it’s almost impossible.”

Biden “forgets where he is on a daily basis” and often “can’t remember the point that he’s trying to make so often like we saw in the debate when remember I’m oh, you know the thing and I all I don’t want to take any more,” observed Trump Jr.

“If the average American knew that the guy who wants the nuclear football actually has a real cause and effect relationship with mental deficiency, you’d start questioning it,” he said.

Trump Jr. noted news media’s broad refusal to report on Biden’s cognitive decline. “If Donald Trump made a Joe Bidenism, the media would be all over it every day. This guy does it and they’re like, ‘Oh, he’s brilliant.'”

“I don’t mean to make light of mental decline,” continued Trump Jr. “A lot of people know people that deal with these issues. These are really serious things, but we’re going to give this guy the nuclear football? He’s going to get the codes? We’re going to trust him with your 401k and the world’s largest economy and overseeing democracy?”

Biden’s damaged mind allows him to be a puppet of his handlers, warned Trump Jr.

“Joe Biden is simply the camouflage to get those people a position of power,” concluded Trump Jr., describing Biden as a vehicle for Marxist and communist ideology via politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX).


Dan Friedman, NYC

I said:

What Trump (doesn't) have in his brain, no surgery can fix.

60 more days.

Avner E.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

A Polite Conversation with an American Conservative (vol. 5)

The bully sent me this on August 13, 2020:

Do Black Lives Matter to Blacks?

Answer: The jury's still out.

16-year-old killed, two teens injured in Brooklyn shooting
2 Teenage Boys Shot in Head in Park Among 8 NYC Homicides Sunday | NBC New York
Man shot at memorial for teens killed while playing basketball in Brooklyn park
Chicago Violence Underscored by Video of Man Shot While Live Streaming | NBC Nightly News
Man Charged After Mom Witnessed Her Two Sons Shot Dead at Chicago Restaurant | BET News
O Block: The most dangerous block in Chicago is 64th and King Dr.
Chilling Video Shows NYC Gang Members Chasing Down, Killing 21-Year-Old | News 4 Now
Minneapolis Community reacts after 12 shot, 1 killed in Uptown |
Another gang member convicted in 'most horrific death' in recent Atlanta history
Fatal confrontation caught on convenience store camera
Columbus Circle Murder: Man Killed Execution Style in Broad Daylight
Robbers Open Fire in Supermarket [RAW FOOTAGE]

I responded:

You are still not getting the basics, so I'll explain it to you in simple English:

BLM is all about white police officers, killing blacks (some are criminals,) because they are blacks, and who would otherwise get different treatment.

Blacks killing blacks or whites (and also white killing whites or blacks) regardless of their color, incidentally, is unfortunately a regular phenomenon. This is also a problem that needs attention, but it's out of the focus of this special campaign.

Avner E.

His response was the usual rightist, witty, sophisticated and subtle:

You're still a schmuck

Dan Friedman©
Sent from my iPhone 11 Pro

So I said:

I'll take it as a "I'm still the same stupid, so I didn't understand your explanation".

Well, I tried. There's only so much you can do to educate people.

Avner E.