Friday, July 25, 2014

What if Hamas rocket hit a British Airways plane?

This was the title of a post by columnist RICHARD LITTLEJOHN of the British Daily Mail:

Here is an option for a response:

Mr. Littlejohn,

I was impressed by the wit and wisdom in your column.

However, in Israel, the majority of the Jewish population "fail(s) to be disturbed by the plight of innocent children caught in the crossfire". Actually, most Israeli Jews don't give a damn.

And yes, Israel is the aggressor in this conflict. In recent round of violence (a.k.a. "Solid Cliff"), Israel was the aggressor by a ratio of ~2,000 to 70.
The fact that the "Self-styled liberal Left" in your country only condemns Israel - is problematic. It is so not because they are hypocrites - maybe they are, I don't care - but because this fact is always used as an excuse for Israel to keep launching military operations against the Palestinians - no, not to "exercise its inalienable right to self-defense", but to defend the occupation of Palestinian land. There is nothing defensive in attacking the Gaza Strip, as long as Israel denies the Palestinians their right for freedom and independence. So there are other, even more cruel and evil atrocities in the world - how does this justify Israel's atrocities?!
On top of that, Israel should (and I, as an Israeli, do that) accept this criticism as a sign of acknowledgment for its level of democracy and morality. Nobody expects retarded and tyranny-controlled countries such as Syria or Iraq to be as humane and moral as Israel - that's a big compliment! Plus, Israel gets a lot of benefits, especially economic ones, for belonging to the "enlightened" world.

Every death is a propaganda victory - you are absolutely correct! And this is why, regardless of any morality consideration, the recurring military operations by Israel are so idiotic! Because Israel has no option of winning this war, despite its supremacy in technology and size of the military. In this David vs. Goliath, David will always win, regardless of the body-count.

You are comparing Churchill to Mr. Netanyahu?... (He is doing this too, BTW...). But the correct analogy is of the British people in 1944 to Hamas. Here is why: both had the right to defend themselves against evil power, albeit not at all cost.

Please read this:

Avner Efendowicz

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