Friday, April 21, 2006

Shimshon, or Der-Nebechdiker?

An excerpt from the article above: "In a Jewish state, where the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) parties have more and more power, the Haredi youth feel more confident, and don't fear to get into fights". This is basically my main argument which tries to explain why Jews were so quiet when they were a minority in the Diaspora, and why some Muslims are so violent: I think that since they have their own countries, they feel confident and become more aggressive.

According to the article, Haredim traditionally despise violence. True, there is no Jewish violence in Brooklyn... but look how in Israel they defended a father who killed his son... and conducted violent demonstrations so many times.
I know we haven't got as far as being suicide bombers (a few exceptions were: Dr. Baruch Goldstein and... Shimshon Hagibor). But give us a few more decades of independence and occupation, and... who knows. (that's not a proof, just a thought).

Shabat Shalom

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